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The school was established in 1986 under the name “Groupe Scolaire Marie Reine APEDI Rwaza”. It was initiative of some native persons gathered in “Association pour la Promotion de l’Education et le Développement Intégré-APEDI”.

It firstly opened the option of “Secrétariat” and progressively other options were opened and some closed: ”Normale Primaire” (1992-2004), “Tronc Commun” (since 1995), “Math- Physique” (2002-2008), ”Comptabilité” (2002-2012,” Bio-chimie” (2007-2009). From 2009, the school had to chose between general education and vocational/technical options as demanded by the ministry of education. The choice went to general education and following combinations were opened, some for a short time: MPG, MCB, MEG, MPC, and LEG.

The school was doing well for many years but the situation progressively changed especially after 1994. Towards 2010, things got worse and the association APEDI started facing numerous problems. So in 2011, negotiations started with Ruhengeri Catholic Diocese to take up the school. From end 2011, The Ruhengeri Catholic Diocese became the owner of the school which changed the name to become Groupe Scolaire Marie Reine Rwaza. From then the school accepts only boarding students (girls and boys).

The school is managed by priests and a board, both appointed by The Ruhengeri Catholic Diocese Bishop. Since 2012, it has made continuous progress regarding infrastructures, teaching learning process, discipline, performances in national exams, etc. The quality of education provided is highly appreciated by parents and other instances. The school is at the moment counted among well performing private schools in country.