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School planning and monitoring

Strategic plan

The school has a strategic plan 2015-2020 which will allow it to be among nationwide top private schools regarding the quality of education provided. Yet the school is among the well performing schools in the country.

Annual action plan

Activities to be carried out throughout the coming year are set in different fields.

Term pedagogical activities calendar

This calendar mention the main events of the term such as staff and pedagogical meetings, periods beginnings and ends, visits, tests and exams periods, proclamation, etc

Regular meetings

On a regular basis, meetings with staff, discipline team, students, supporting staff are hold.

Staff management and motivation

  • Promotion of safe working climate
  • Regularity of staff files
  • Meetings calendar
  • Respect of work rules and procedures
  • Efficient reporting system
  • Workshops and trainings
  • Efficient time management
  • Team work
  • Professional integrity
  • Salary over public scale and bonus
  • Salary payment on time and the whole year
  • Free tea break and lunch, picnic,
  • Social solidarity

Achievements celebration and communication

School day celebration

On 22 august every year, the school day is celebrated in a big ceremony chaired by the Ruhengeri diocese Bishop in presence of many other guests: parents, old students, partners, public institutions representatives, …

The ceremony is reported in national press.

See here some pictures from our 2016 celebration.

School brochure

A brochure presenting the school is updated every year to inform visitors and partners about the way the school is running and performing.

School Website

This school website allows any body to have any information about the school.