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One of the keys of quality education provided at Groupe Scolaire Marie Reine Rwaza is discipline. Discipline contributing to acquisition of knowledge and leading to holiness as stated in the school motto: DISCIPLINE-KNOWLEDGE-HOLINESS.
The school vision and school mission also emphasize on role of discipline in providing integral education.

Some strategies we use to build strong discipline:

Strict respect of school rules

The school has rules regulating behavior and all activities organized by the school. The rules regard both students and the personnel. The strict respect of rules is required for all the school community members.

Presence and commitment of school leaders

The engagement of catholic priest in discipline promotion in schools they manage is well known. This is also the case at GSMR Rwaza since the school is headed by priests.

Keeping students busy

From time to wake up in the morning to cease fire time in the night, there is to do for students and they do what is on program, under supervision of school staff members in respective places and moments.

Descent clothing

As cloths, are only admitted uniform and sport cloths also used during hygiene works.


Students are invited to respect themselves, to respect others and respect the property of the school, their own and fellows’ materials as well.

Hygiene management

School hygiene is assured by students in all places: ground, dormitory, refectory, classrooms, multipurpose hall, toilets and baths, etc. The aim is effectively to have a clean school but also to transmit value of work, team work, responsibility and other related values.

Student personal hygiene (bed, body, hair, clothing, …) is also something very important at school. Students are constantly invited to be smart and they are permanently sensitized and controlled in this field.

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Time management

Time management is one of the key elements characterizing all activities organized at school. Students are to be where they have to be and on time. The personnel, either teaching or discipline team staff, has to respect this scrupulously and help students do the same.

Promotion of values

All the opportunities are benefited to promote school values among them honesty, fraternity, assiduity, modesty, competitiveness, team work, …

Morning assemblies

Every morning, all students assembly is hold for pray, transmission of remarks, information, transmission of values as stated above and other different messages. Messages are alternately transmitted by the Father the headmaster but also by other school leaders, teachers and students different representatives.

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