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Qualified and experienced teachers

Teachers are recruited from best country universities and pass a test on recruitment.

Teachers departments

  • Teachers regularly work through three departments: SCIENCES, LANGUAGES, and HUMANITIES.
  • Each department has a day and hour to meet every week but members also exchange continuously on teaching- learning practices.
  • Topics for exchange concern all aspects of the teaching-learning process

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Evaluation system

  • Students are continuously evaluated. Which allow the school to produce a report every month meaning two periods in a term.
  • Students, particularly leavers of senior 3 and senior 6, do at least two tests a term out of exam.
  • This system of regular evaluation encourages students to work daily revising lessons and improve their performances either at school or in national exams.

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Results analysis

  • After report production, periodical and term results are analyzed in different ways: proclamation lists, class pass rate and average, girls and boys pass rate and average, performances categories, progress from period to period or from term to term, classes performances comparison, performances comparison by lessons etc
  • Among other objectives,these analysis allow to identify students and classes with difficulties and to find strategies for improvement. The same is done for different lessons.

General and pedagogical meetings

Aside general monthly staff meeting, a monthly pedagogical meeting is hold to deal only with pedagogical subjects.

ICT promotion

  • Each class has two hours on timetable for training in ICT
  • Teachers use projectors in their varied lessons such as biology, geography, languages, …
  • Equipment for listening in languages lessons is also available and used.
  • Research is done on computers via installed programs such as Encarta
  • The school has subscription to 4G internet connection.
  • Every teacher at school has his own laptop

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Field study

Field study is often organized for some lessons like geography, chemistry, entrepreneurship,…the field study is organized in surrounding environment, in Musanze town or elsewhere. It is a very motivating method for students. It is an opportunity to connect theories to ground reality.
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Sciences experiments promotion

  • the school has a sciences laboratory with many apparatus and chemicals continuously renewed
  • experiments are organized for all levels from senior 1 to senior 6
  • They allow better understanding of sciences, are motivating and connect sciences to ground realities, they initiate early research spirit, make students love sciences for a better plan for their further studies, …

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Foreign languages promotion

Foreign languages are promoted through different strategies: stories books reading, participatory methods as debate, storytelling, sketches, composition writing, listening, exchange and shows in foreign languages, …

Reading culture development

All students are encouraged to read books available in the school library. One among other strategies, teachers give assignments leading them to borrow books in the library.
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Proclamation and rewarding

Class and individual proclamation is organized at results release. Best students and those who have improved their performances are rewarded for encouragement. This also promotes competition among students.

Weak students coaching

  • At all levels, weak students are identified and benefit from particular and individualized coaching
  • Special coachers are appointed for leaving classes
  • In all classes, each student is integrated in permanent group with mixed levels for pair coaching

Self study system

As boarders, students have enough time to revise their lessons and they are rigorously invigilated

Collaboration with parents

Parents whose students didn’t get good results are invited at school at the beginning of following term to analyze together with school authorities and teachers why students are not well performing and how they can improve.