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The school receives students from different Christian confessions and muslins. There are programs to pray together but also each confession has the opportunity to pray in his own confession.

Here is the school agenda of praying activities:

  • Pray at assembly before lesson and before going to bed.
  • Daily mass according to levels (evening).
    • Monday: Senior 1
    • Tuesday: senior 2
    • Wednesday: senior 3
    • Thursday: S4, S5, S6
    • Friday: all students.
    • On Saturday there is a mass for only Catholics. On this day, Catholics can also recite rosary.
    • Sunday: students pray in their own churches. Adventists pray on Saturday.
  • Praying shows involving all confessions are organized in week-ends
  • Sacraments are received at school for students who enter Catholic Church or those who chose to receive them at school. This event happens on school day cerebration.
  • A two days recollection is organized for students each term before going in holidays.

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