This is a note about what we have called “Phase three of the development of GS Marie Reine Rwaza”, a program inaugurated with the current academic year 2021-2022.

It was solemnly developed at the introductory speech of the school Open day held on March, 9th 2022.

By this academic year 2021-22, the school of GS Marie Reine Rwaza effectively enters in the phase3 of its development in different fields.

The reasons behind this phase are both internal and external At internal side, the school has always aimed at attaining the highest performances possible expressed in two main achievements:

a high level discipline and high performances in national examinations. What were the two first phases? PHASE 1 2012-2014

After the school was handed over to Ruhengeri catholic diocese in 2012 from the parents association named APEDI, the founder of the school in 1986, emphasize was put on building its new identity as a catholic boarding school.

This concerned particularly the building of foundations for strong discipline, quality education, adequate infrastructures and equipment and efficient resources management.

PHASE 2 2015-2020 As the base of the school in different fields was established, the school undertook the journey of improving the quality of education offered so as to attain long-lasting good performances.

The key reference was the results to obtain in national exams where the great majority of the candidates of senior three were to come in division I and very few in division II. For senior six, all the candidates had to get the degrees. The discipline also remained the priority.

On the side of infrastructures and equipment, new buildings were constructed and inaugurated each year and equipment enriched. AND THE PHASE 3 NOW…

As the pillars of discipline and performances in national exams are mastered at a very good level, the school has the agenda to develop more two other key pillars to become more competitive at both regional, national, even international levels.

This is the development of the mastering and effective practice of foreign languages, mainly English and French. The other pillar is an improved enrichment of co- or extra-curricular activities.

The other key element to reinforce is to value individually each learner in order to help him to value his or her potentialities whatever they are.

This will go with the continuous improvement of living and working conditions of both students and staff members, either material or moral.

All this will lead to high performances in different fields.

For the performances in national exams, the results of 2020-2021 allowed us to fix new goals. For senior three, we want to end definitively with the Division two and have all candidates in Division One.

For senior six, the minimum aggregate should be 40.

*** For the external reasons for the current phase 3, we assist to the continuous and rapid improvement of quality education in the public free schools based on the improvement of the infrastructures, the equipment such as books, ICT tools, the recruitment of qualified teachers and the continuous increase of salaries for teachers.

As a private school with the mission to offer high quality education, our school has to face these circumstances and do better itself in order to remain competitive, to keep the high numbers of students and the competent and experienced teachers.

By NSABIMANA Evariste Headmaster