Today Wednesday on 22nd, March 22, 2023, GS MARIE REINE RWAZA together with other strong schools across the world like, ELIDAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL found in France, INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY DEMOSTRATION SCHOOL found in Abuja (Ivory coast) have met via zoom and participated in World Water Day, accelerating change to solve the water and sanitation crisis.

The event led by different specialists including,

Alexander Otte, The UNESCO specialist on hydrology, AyukBesong Anne-Chantal who is a journalist and development communication expert from Cameroon with a topic 'Water is life, Ruth Nguma who is an associate program specialist at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris with a topic, The role of science and preservation of water, Ornella Tchaque who is a research assistant in the science section of UNESCO regional office in Dakar with a topic 'Driving local change.

The GS MARIE REINE RWAZA students also joined the entire world to celebrate the World Water day with UNESCO on zoom and contributed the roles played by the youth on preservation of water resources in Rwanda and the entire world with a topic ' water is life.

'Our local communities need safe water therefore; everybody should take part in preserving source through avoiding water pollution.

Not only GS MARIE REINE RWAZA excels in academics and sports but also has set other goals to compete with international schools across the world mostly in foreign languages where a student can go and fit in any advanced society.

GS MARIE REINE RWAZA is a total private boarding school for both girls and boys.

It is under the Catholic Church lead by priests.

It is found in Northern Province, Musanze district, Rwaza sector.

You can reach on us via website for more information.